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"Stock Rating" rates potential reward, and risk

A simple number from 0 to 10 offers investors a whole world of information. 9Trading built the Stock Rating system to help individual investors quickly analyze and assess a stock's potential for outperforming the broad market. Stock Rating includes two ratings: Buy Rating and Sell Rating.

Stock Rating system depends on advanced mathematics, software, an innovative mix of measurements and historical testing to attempt to forecast the short- and long-term outlook for all U.S. companies that have traded on the three major exchanges for at least the past six months. Recently, that represented a universe of about 5,800 stocks.

In rating the outlook for stocks from strong to poor on a 10-point scale, Stock Rating system does not make subjective judgments. Instead, it compares the technical qualities of individual companies and their stocks to benchmarks that have proven statistically predictive of stock performance in the past.

Sell rating Hold Buy rating
10 -- 3 -- 0 -- 3 -- 10

Our Stock Rating system is not perfect; no predictive rating system could be. But its models have been thoroughly tested to the highest academic and professional standards using more than a decade of historical data. And we believe that, in conjunction with the other stock research tools available on, it will help individuals make more thoughtful investment choices by revealing the way successful professional money managers accumulate, sort, evaluate and act upon financial information.

Samples: top Buy and top sell Ratings.

Buy rating examples:

buy rating

Sell rating examples:

sell rating

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